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Product Code : CD_179
[Dental Zirconia] Perfit ZR STML_Multilayered Zirconia


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South Korea
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Medical Device Classification
CE basis
Class II
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Product Description

▶ Perfit ZR Description Perfit ZR produces zirconia by rigorous process. Especially, its surface stability is high by controlling particle distribution. Also, it is uniformly contract in the X, Y, and Z directions when manufacturing, there is no distortion of the restoration and excellent marginal fit. Perfit ZR shows excellent translucency and high quality chroma development by analyzing the spectrum of transmitted light, considering how much light as transmitted, when the restoration is mounted inside of the mouth compared to when it is outside of the mouth. ▶ Key Feature of Perfit ZR STML • Perfit ZR Multilayered Zirconia is expressed naturally with “5 main layers and 4 transition layers.” With the configuration of the basic 5 layers and the 4 transition layers that connect each layer, the shades are connected so that the dividing line of the layers are not visible, expressing a natural and warm feeling when creating restorations. • Perfit TSML is made of “4Y-TZP” and “5Y-TZP“. This structure Creates natural teeth with high translucency on the incisal and strength on the cervical. • Perfit ZR TSML “can reduce working hours by more than 60% (because no build-up work is required. ▶ Specification • Translucency: 46% • Flexural Strength: 1,100MPa • Shade: A1, A2, A3, A3.5 • Thickness(Ø98 x mm): 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25